Staten Island Real Estate Attorney

Staten Island real estate attorney Timothy Violette enjoys performing all categories of this practice area for his clients. He handles issues related to closing on a purchase for either sellers or buyers. He also relishes litigating real estate issues and is available to handle landlord-tenant issues for lessors and lessees. Over his 31 years as a practicing attorney, he has worked on over 1,000 cases with a remarkable record of success for his clients.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island

While there is a trend towards DIY real estate law when buying or selling a property, you shouldn’t rely on boiler plate forms from a website or the experience of your broker when it comes to the various agreements you need to sign. Some formulaic brokerage agreements and purchase agreements that you download or that your broker may hand you may fail to address some important legal issues. Those issues may come back to haunt you one day. An experienced real estate lawyer can easily spot them.

We take title searches for granted. Some real estate brokers have non-lawyers performing the search. What if the home you want needs some work done, but existing zoning rules or property restrictions by prior owners would prevent performing those improvements? You may need an attorney to handle those issues.

Not all real estate transactions go smoothly. Not all tenants are good residents and some landlords are looking to cut corners when they can. You may need to modify a purchasing agreement after closing or go to court to force an eviction. For these matters, you need a lawyer with great communication skills and who is an experienced negotiator and litigator. Timothy Violette has proven he has those skills over his long career. Mr. Violette can advise you on negotiating any contractual modifications or help you prepare for arbitration or mediation to resolve a dispute. If you need to go before a judge, he has proven success in handling various real estate issues, like evictions and other disputes.

Experienced Staten Island Real Estate Attorney

Buying or renting a property is becoming increasingly costly. Hidden costs can make it worse. A lawyer who can find problems with a purchase agreement or efficiently litigate disputes can save you money over the long-term or provide you peace of mind. An affordable real estate lawyer like Timothy Violette can save you money. If you’re in Staten Island and need a real estate lawyer, call Mr. Violette to see how he can help you with your issues.

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