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Timothy Violette is an experienced probate attorney practicing law in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. He has handled upwards of 1,000 cases in probate law, from advising beneficiaries and executors to administrating estates. That kind of experience will be invaluable to anyone needing a probate attorney, whether the estate involves millions or is more modest in value.

Probate Attorney in New York City

As a probate lawyer, Mr. Violette advises executors and beneficiaries of wills and trusts on how to act on the wishes of the decedent. The responsibilities of the executor are many. An experienced attorney like Mr. Violette can provide the best guidance on how to proceed.

In New York, estates valued at $30,000 or more go to probate court if there is a will. If the decedent passed without a will, you will need to go to probate. There, the executor’s task will begin. Mr. Violette can be there alongside you if you are the executor to advise on various issues like tax issues, liquidating estate property and the legal transfer of estate property to beneficiaries.

Lawyer Advising Will Executors and Beneficiaries in Brooklyn

Beneficiaries of the will may also need the services of a probate attorney. Issues may arise after the will appears in probate court that an experienced lawyer can handle best. You, the beneficiary, may notice an irregularity like a missing asset or an unheard of beneficiary listed in the will. The executor may not be up to the task of administering the execution of your loved one’s final wishes. You may need to challenge the will in court. Mr. Violette, a skilled litigator, is well-suited to address any problems that may arise.

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With a will or without one, it will take some time to iron out all the pertinent issues in probate court. Complications may arise as the bereaved work out issues or even use the event to re-litigate old grudges. Whether executor of a will or the beneficiary of one, you will want to have a lawyer on your side with an encyclopedic knowledge of New York probate law and the practical experience to match. You will also want an attorney with a calm, professional demeanor and affordable fees who cares more about their clients than the check you write. You will want to call Timothy Violette to help you with your probate issues.

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