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Staten Island probate attorney Timothy Violette has 31 years of experience helping clients with the sometimes worrisome and complex issues regarding estate planning. He has assisted with wills, living wills and other documents related to elder law. Mr. Violette believes in a client-focused approach to the practice of law. He instills confidence in those who hire him thanks to his knowledge of probate law and his open style of communication. Lawyers all over New York City seek his counsel and assistance, which is evidence of his understanding of the law.

Real Estate

Mr. Violette has handled over 1,000 real estate cases during his 31 years as a practicing attorney. He enjoys helping people and providing counsel and advice during a stressful time. He works on all categories of real estate law, including landlord-tenant issues, contract drafting, advice on closings and litigation if necessary. The time to ask questions of an attorney is before you buy the property, not after closing. You want an experienced lawyer to help look out for problems and make the sale go smoothly. If you need someone to litigate a dispute, you can count on Mr. Violette, someone who has a record of demonstrated success litigating these matters.


Rather than downloading a DIY kit to write a will, you should secure your family’s future by hiring an affordable New York probate authority like Timothy Violette. His services are relatively cheap if you consider the quality of service (backed by years of experience) you get when you hire him. Mr. Violette can answer thorny questions about difficult issues like disinheriting family or tax planning that an Internet form cannot.


If you’ve been named in a will, either as a beneficiary or the executor, you can benefit from the advice Timothy Violette can deliver. If all is well, the will or trust you are named in will have been created well and you cannot foresee any problems. However, you are likely to have to handle some issues to properly execute the document. You may need to obtain property appraisals, file the appropriate documents with probate court, manage tax issues and sort out any remaining debt the estate owes. For laypersons, or even trained accountants, it can all be overwhelming, especially when you consider that you just lost a loved one. An experienced probate attorney can help you deal with any issues that manifest.

Reasonably Priced Wills and Probate Lawyer in New York City

Issues regarding wills and estates don’t only concern passing property along to your descendants. Elders who are facing health care issues will also benefit from Mr. Violette’s advice. You can seek his counsel on creating a living will or creating a durable power of attorney. It’s an important part of estate planning that many avoid. Mr. Violette is experienced in these matters. He is a compassionate lawyer who will make these difficult issues easy to discuss.

It isn’t unusual to want to delay dealing with issues regarding end-of-life issues. However, since we will all have to confront these matters – whether we have a multi-million dollar estate or not – it is best to have a trusted counsel help. Call Timothy Violette to discuss estate planning matters today.

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